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EMG 2023 in Tampere

All Master Rowers: now is it time to start preparing for the 2023 European Master Games which will take place in Tampere, Finland from June 29 to July 2, 2023. This is a great opportunity to meet and compete with other international rowing peers and other master athletes representing more than 30 sports disciplines. For more information visit the official website

2020 World Rowing Masters Regatta

The 2020 World Rowing Masters Regatta that previously was cancelled by World Rowing has now been turned into an alternative regatta as the 2020 World Rowing Virtual Masters Regatta (WRVMR).

The WRVMR will take place on September 2-6, 2020. These are the same dates on which the original regatta was supposed to be held.

Designed to be done anywhere in the world, Masters Rowers are invited to complete a 1000m piece on any kind of indoor rowing machine.

Read more about the event and how to sign up for the 2020 WRVMR.